T-Shirt OS – wearable, shareable, programmable clothing

The T-shirt OS is an internet enabled, 100% cotton t-shirt with a 1024-pixel LED screen and is currently at the prototype stage. Using your smartphone to choose what you display on to the t-shirt. There is naturally potential to broadcast your twitter and facebook posts as well. The t-shirt also has a headphone jack to share songs from iTunes and seems like you can plug other devices into your t-shirt. The potential is exciting and hope the technology gets pushed more and more.


T-shirts have long been vehicles of personal expression. Be it your faded old Slayer T, your snippet of snark brashly emblazoned across your chest, your favorite comic book character set to fabric, or just your plain old white vest replete with a few coffee stains; your t-shirt tells people something about who you are. You could change it, constantly, by making it digitally interactive.

Sounds like an idea one could only come up with while drinking? Well, perhaps that’s what the folks at Cute Circuit were doing when they teamed up with Whiskey-maker Ballentine’s to create T-Shirt OS, the world’s first connected clothing concept that actually looks cool and worth wearing.

London based Cute Circuit has previously made a name for itself with flashy (think LEDs) fabrics and creepy concepts like shirts that can hug you via text message, but this latest project combines every wacky idea into one.

The firm wants to turn the t-shirt into the most creative canvas it can, made up of a large LED screen, camera, microphone, accelerometer and speakers for sound.

The T-shirt itself would act as a thin client with a small electrical brain, that can be paired up with the much larger processor in a person’s cell phone to make it the most “wearable, shareable, programmable” piece of clothing ever created.

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What could you do with such an adaptable shirt? Connect it to Twitter, display your photos, status updates, play your music, take snaps of people on the go, the options are almost endless.

The current version of the T-shirt is controlled by iOS but an Android version will be available later, the company says.

Of course, right now, it’s just a prototype, and not a cheap item to buy by any means, but Cute Circuit believes that could change. The firm is asking for feedback on its idea, and claims it will look into producing the shirts in volume if demand reaches a certain level.

Actually, the question it really begs is, “can you wash it .Actually, Cute Circuit says the T-shirt is hand washable if battery is removed.

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Online T-Shirt Design Software-LiveArt Publisher’s Description

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NewtonIdeas Live Art is a WYSIWYG software to create natural-looking design for your decal, t-shirt embroidery or other kind of sign (vinyl, for boats) with our online Flash lettering, t-shirt, boat sign design software. NewtonIdeas Live Art is a WYSIWYG software to create natural-looking design for your decal, t-shirt embroidery or other kind of sign (vinyl, for boats) with our online Flash lettering, t-shirt, boat sign design software

To create a preview you just do few steps:

* Write your message.

* Choose the fonts, colors, effects: make it arc, apply shadow or stroke any color you like.

* Add a picture from the gallery.

* Modify size, quantity of your sign or embroidery, add comments.

That’s all you need to do to get nice custom product (custom online lettering design, custom online t-shirt design, custom online sign design, custom online vinyl or decal design)!

Benefits for visitors

* Ability to preview design before buying it, testing various combinations of texts, fonts, background, colors etc

* Ability to get more information about products, see samples gallery etc

* Ability to obtain all necessary information about your services

* Ability to provide feedback and to contact company representative

Supporting features

* Powerful Live Art flash component with intuitive interface to compose the desired design

* Easy-to-use interfaces to find sample works, managed gallery, possible promotional and   educational content

* Very usable navigation, clear content and site structure, involving demonstrations, impressive Flash movies (that could be inserted as intro or as the parts of web site)

* Easy available contact and feedback forms to quickly achieve company staff

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