Andries van dam (born 8 december 1938), is a Dutch born American professor of computer science and former Vice-President for Research at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.


Together with Ted Nelson he contributed to first hypertext system HES in late 1960s.It was the first Hypertext Editing System built at Brown University in 1967 under the leadership of Andries Van Dam.

It ran with 128KB memory and an IBM/360 mainframe and most of interface was text based.

He co-authored Computer Graphics:Principles And Practice along with J.D.Foley,S.K.Feiner and John Hughes.




 He is one of the computer science department’s Founder and its first chairman. Dr. Van Dam is currently on the NSF CISE Advisory Committee.

Books Written by him:

Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice

Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice in C