• Harold Abelson is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT
  • He is a fellow of the IEEE.
  • He is a founding director of both Creative Commons and the Free Software Foundation.
  • Education:
  1. Abelson holds an A.B. degree from Princeton University .
  2. He obtained a Ph.D. degree in mathematics from MIT .


  • In 1992, became  one of MIT’s six inaugural MacVicar Faculty Fellows.




  • Bose Award (1992)
  •  Taylor L. Booth Education Award (1995)
  •  ACM SIGCS(2011)


  •  He directed the first implementation of Logo for the Apple II.
  • He wrote a book  named Turtle Geometry,  with Andrea diSessa in 1981.

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Andrea diSessa

  •  Abelson initiated the first “Building Mobile Application” class at MIT in 2008.


  • He is a visiting faculty member at Google, where he is part of the “App Inventor for Android” team.
  •  Abelson developed MIT’s introductory computer science subject, Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programstogether with Gerald Jay Sussman.


Gerald Jay Sussman