Walter John Savitch (born February 21, 1943) is best known for discovering the complexity class nondeterministic logarithmic space), and for Savitch’s theorem which defines a relationship between the NSPACE and DSPACE complexity classes. His work in establishing complexity classes has helped to create the background against which non-deterministic and probabilistic reasoning can be performed. He is also known for his creation of SavitchIn, a text reading class in the Java language.
Aside from his work in theoretical computer science, Savitch has written a number of textbooks for learning to program in C/C++, Java, Ada, Pascal and others. He has done extensive work in the field of natural language processing and mathematical linguistics.

Walter Savitch received the Ph.D. degree in Mathematics from the University of California at Berkeley in 1969. Since that time he has been on the faculty at the University of California at San Diego and is currently a Professor of Computer Science and director of the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Cognitive Science. Professor Savitch’s research areas include complexity theory, formal language theory, computational linguistics, and the development of computer science education materials.

In addition to writing numerous research articles and involvement in other editorial projects, he has written a number of well-known computer science textbooks, including Pascal, Ada, and C++ CS1 and CS2 textbooks.