TOPIC: Collect one example for Mapping fro ER Model to Relational model

 The following ER diagram contains 5 entities named orders, customer, orderitem, product, company .The customer name, customer address, customer no should be recorded for each customer. The order no, orderdate, order payment, details of order should be recorded for each order. The item no, quantity, price, discount should be recorded for each order item. The product no, product type, product price, product description should be recorded for each product. The company no, company name and phone no should be recorded for each company. A customer can give many orders. Each order contains many items and a company can produce many products.



Table 1: Orders

Order# Orderdate Orderpayment Details


Table 2: Customer

Cust_no Cust_name Cust_address


Table 3: Orderitem

Order# Itemno Quantity Piece Discount




Table 4: Product


Pno Ptype Pprice Pdescription


Table 5: Company

Cno Cname


Table 6: Caddress

Cno Bno Street City Pincode


Table 7: Cphno

Cno Cphno

Table 8: Orderauthor

Order# Cust_no


Table 9: contain

Order# itemno Pno


Table 10: Producedby

Pno Cno Dateofproduction