ER5 ER4 ER3 ER2 ER1,ER2, Er3, ER4, ER5    Collect an E-R diagram with example (must contain an extended feature)

Question :

Imagine that you are a consultant called into the office of a new Australian start-up called Movies4All . This company admires the success of the internet Movie Database (IMDb) in collecting and publishing movie related information via the web and thinks that it can set up its own database to rival the IMDb.

The Functionality and content they need in the data base are as follows

  • Each movie in the db should have movie ID, year made,  storyline,

genre, country, website, runtime, language.

  • All the information in the system should be accessible to anyone on the Internet. However  Movies4All  staffs are the only ones who are allowed  to update the database .They also want to provide for the registered users of the system , who can rate movies and post movie reviews. Registered users are also allowed to provide new information to the Movies4All staff,  who will check its validity and then incorporate it into the site.
  • Moviess4All staff and registered users have a username and password for login authentication
  • Movies4All  staff can add, update and delete information in the database
  • Registered users can rate movies, post reviews and post suggested changes to Movie4All staff.
  • Anyone can search for movies.
  • Movie Release is a version of a movie that is issued for showing in some region of the world , it may changed in various ways from the original in the release
  • Movies are rated to indicate which kind of audience , they are suitable for and to indicate restriction on who is allowed to view the movie.
  • The people who are involved in the making of movie are movie person  , they have numeric ID and their biographical details , every person must  at least  have a known stage name.
  • Each movie was made by  movie company  .  Movie company should have their company ID ,  name, started, country, closed, type.
  • The user  should  have  an user  ID ,  user  name  , name, password , email, location. If the user is a staff then their address and phone number    . If the user is a member then visit-times  and details of visit must be recorded
  • The news posted by the staff must have a news ID , title , URL , date of posting , comments  and movie / movie person to whom the news belong  to.
  • Member can give feed back with the  item  ID , title and their comments with the date .



  1. Movie
  2. Movie company
  3. Movie person
  4. Movie release
  5. User   [staff and member ]
  6. News
  7. Feed back

Primary keys

  1. Movie – movie ID
  2. Movie person – person ID
  3. Movie company – company ID
  4. User – user ID
  5. News – news ID
  6. Feedback – Item ID

    Other relevant attributesasignmentv

    1. Movie – title , year made , genre , run time ,web site , story , country
    2. Movie release –  country , rating , starting , finishing
    3. Movie person – real name ,stage name , website ,birthday , birthplace(country ,city ) , biography, gender
    4. Movie company  –  name ,  started ,  country  , closed (if) , type.
    5. User – user name , password , name , show name , location , email ( staff – address ,phone Member  –  visit-time , visit details )
    6. News – title , URL , posted on , comments
    7. Feed back – title , posted on , comments
    8. Rate – rating , comments