1) The company you work for wants to digitize their time cards, to design the database for submitting and approving time cards. Draw the database ER diagram with the following information:

• A timecard should have hours worked and date submitted

• Each timecard is associated with exactly one employee

• Each timecard should have a unique id

• Each timecard has a status: it is either approved, not approved, or pending

• Each employee has a unique id

• Each employee has a name and address.

• Each employee submits a time card every pay period. i.e. In 1 year, they will submit multiple time cards

• Each employee either has direct deposit or physical check as their method of payment

• Each employee is associated with exactly one manager

• Each manager has a unique id and a name

• Each manager is in charge of multiple employees

• Each manager approves time cards for multiple employees


STEP 1) Find the entities.
Time Card, Employee, Manager.
STEP 2) Find the relationship.



STEP 3) Find the key attributes for every entity.


STEP 4) Complete the ER Diagram